Hostgator Coupon Code 2014: 50% OFF Discount

Listed below are some of the latest Hostgator coupon codes for 2014. Feel free to use any of them to activate the desired discount type. For more info on how to use them please read the instructions below the coupon codes.

Activate Coupon

Hostgator 50% OFF coupon code:



Hostgator 25% OFF coupon code:



Hostgator 25% OFF coupon code:



Hostgator $9,94 OFF coupon code:



Using the codes is really easy and simple. The process consist of tree simple steps. Once you decided which coupon you want to use follow the instructions below.

Step 1 – Choose the type of coupon code you need

The codes are highlighted green in the images above and they can be made of letters and numbers. From a free month of hosting to a 25% off on your entire purchase, choose the type of discount that fits your needs and copy or write down the code for later use on the Hostgator sign up page.

Step 2 – Using the coupon

Once you will choose your hosting plan on the official Hostgator site you will see a sign up and billing page. Below your “Hosting Addons” options you will see the coupon codes section. Delete the “SNAPPY” code that’s already there and write the new coupon inside. Just to make sure that the coupon is valid click “validate” and proceed on creating your account.


Step 3 – Choose Billing Cycle and Create Account

Larger the billing cycle larger the discount amount. We always recommend you choose a 3 year billing cycle for better discount amount. Once you’re done click “Create Account” and you’re done. In few minutes you’ll receive an email explaining you how to access you hosting cPanel.


Why we recommend Hostgator 

Hostgator is among the top 10 leading hosting companies in the world with over 300,000 recurring customers from all over the world. It’s famous 32 Core AMD hardware technology provides the highest speed and loading time than any other hosting company in the world with a record of 99,9% uptime guarantee.

A basic baby plan from Hostgator provides unlimtied space, bandwidth, domain names and over 48 additional services  for advance web developers, allowing you to run the most complex type of websites. This makes Hostgator the perfect solution for high traffic sites, eCommerce, and database managed sites for a price that’s almost ridiculous.

The easy to use Hostgator cPanel makes it more easier than ever for beginners to start their blog, add new domains, create email addresses, manage ftp accounts and track traffic and stats. If you need some extra help the 24/7 chat support is always available for any information and assistance.

If you want to learn more about hostgator read this hostgator review by BlogMakingSchool. They have a long and well written Hostgator review on all Hostgator plans.

My Personal Experience with Hostgator

I’ve been using Hostgator for the last 3 years to host 90% of my sites. I must say that the only thing I dislike about this company was the poor chat support service. I’ve had a few problems getting the right information from a support agent but I can really tell they’ve made a few changes since then.

What I really loved about this company instead is the fast WordPress installations option and the fast loading time that I could’t compare with any of the previous hosting companies I used. I also enjoy having the 99,9% uptime that I can really vote for. I remember only once in this three years period having my site down for few seconds and that was all.

I’m a professional blogger and web designer for long time now and I would recommend hostgator to all my friends and clients for as long they continue providing the quality as its at the moment. If I find something wrong about Hostgator I’ll be the first to notice you on that.


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